Inspector Toolkit

What is the Inspector Toolkit?

A digital shared folder easily accessible to all inspectors used as a technical guidance library.

We originated the concept of the "Inspector’s Toolkit" during our first safety oversight project in 2001. It is a simple concept. We consolidate all of the "official" guidance for the CAA into one overall digital folder. Then we make that folder accessible to the people in the CAA who need it.

The Toolkit folder contains all official CAA technical documents, organized into sub-folders according to legal priority. This organization allows Inspectors to easily search and find requirements and guidance for a specific technical subject.

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Toolkit Organization and Support

Civil Aviation Authority Act

Aviation legislation that empowers CAA safety oversight functions is critical to the credibility of a Civil Aviation Authority. There are important emphasis areas that should be addressed in good civil aviation legislation.

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Civil Aviation Regulations

Civil aviation regulations that are in concert with the international standards and recommended practices are required to ensure the recognition of other countries.

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CAA Safety Oversight Technical Guidance

Civil aviation authorities must have a technical guidance for their personnel to ensure proper implementation of their safety oversight obligations.

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Job Aid Checklists

It has always been important that CAAs be able to demonstrate that their personnel have ensured that the operators, aircraft and individuals have been assessed for minimum compliance with the international standards. Evidence of that assessment is increasingly considered to be the completion of "checklists."

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Advisory Circulars

The CAA should provide guidance to the State’s aviation industry on the proper implementation of the aviation regulations and application for approvals. The issuance of advisory circulars is the primary method of providing this guidance.

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Forms & Applications

The CAA should have the necessary applications which can be used by the aviation industry to make application for CAA approvals. The CAA should also have the necessary forms to issue the certificates and licenses to indicate that the operator, aircraft or individual is eligible to international recognition.

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